Just over 2 months now….

It has been just over two months since my last post. Originally I had planned on posting once a month, buuuuut….busy schedules, lots of troubles, and problems with the internet have kept me away. To any of you who have been waiting for an update, I am truly sorry. :(


This is going to be a BIG, HUGE, PHENOMENAL weekend for me!!!!!!!! :) Really!

I have taken time off of work and everything else. My family is going to clear out of the house on their own fun adventure. This will allow me to ‘woo-sah’ and regather my thoughts. I will have the entire house to myself for the entire weekend and in this peace and quiet….I WILL WRITE!!! :D

In the end, the update is: I am nearing completion of the special surprise that will be released with the 3rd book. So until next month, (fingers crossed) I will chat at you again. My countdown to writing madness has just begun! ;)

Take Care,

S.P. Kaye


Oh, one more thing….If any of you following my blog has read either one of my books, will you please send me some feedback? I would greatly appreciate it! :) Thank You!

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