Good News Everyone!


I have finished writing the third book in the Through the Eyes of A Stranger series! The first edits are finished and it has been handed over for the second edits to begin. I don’t have any cover art to show to you just yet, but we are getting there. The title to the third book of TEAS is: A Time in Reverse.

I’m not sure if I will make changes to this or not, but for now here is the synopsis for A Time in Reverse:


Everyone has untold secrets of their past. Some hide theirs better than others. For some, the past has shaped who they have become today. For others, it only haunts them. Discover who holds the biggest secrets and what it may mean for the future of all the worlds.
As the journey continues, there are many struggles and challenges that lie ahead, lives are torn apart, and more truth about the darkness is revealed. Through all of this, someone must make a change before all is lost. What can be done and who will take the stand?
Find out this and more in the next chapter of the Through the Eyes of A Stranger series.


Coming this fall: A Time in Reverse book trailer and the reveal of the special surprise!!! ;)

Book release date is still unknown, but it will be some time in 2015!

Thank you so very much for your patience and continued support! It is greatly appreciated! :)

Take Care,

S.P. Kaye

May, June, JULY!?

Holy cow how time flies! I missed any opportunities for updated posts in the last 2 months. Now here it is, halfway to August and I’m just now finding a small window. :/

Life around here has been NUTS!!! Between, several birthdays, graduation, holidays and numerous other responsibilities, it’s been beyond difficult to find anytime to write. Needless to say, after the last post I made, I am JUST NOW finding an opportunity to get back to work on my book.

I still plan on releasing the third book to the TEAS series, along with the special surprise, in 2015. As of now, I still cannot give even an estimated time for release other than sometime in 2015. That’s all I really have at this time, I’m going to get back to work before my window is shut again.

Thanks for your continued support!

S.P. Kaye

And again…CHALLENGE!

So my last moment of writing madness went well, but not as well as I had hoped. Nothing like my own story kicking my butt, hahaha! It’s true though…it really is a challenge. I do believe once this third book is done with, the rest should be a breeze! :) I just have to get over the hump of how to write the third book first, and that’s my biggest challenge so far.

The issue lies with….weeelllll….actually I don’t want to say….I think I want to keep that a secret for now, mwahahaha >:) I know, cruel right? That’s okay because I’m certain it will be worth the wait…well, at least I hope. ;)

Speaking of waiting, I have finished my portion of the special surprise that comes with the third book. My husband is finishing the rest. BUT….again, it’s a surprise, so I cannot tell you what it is just yet! ;)

Anywho, I am going to try and beat this writer’s block or whatever this may be called and kick it in the butt rather than it kick mine. Next week, I have set myself up a challenge. I have a few days off to celebrate my birthday and I am going to see how much I can write…hopefully without any interruptions. Originally I had planned on getting a hotel room so I had peace and quiet and no chance of child, dog or any other type of interruption. Unfortunately, those plans fell through. Therefore…this challenge is going to be a lot harder than I thought, but I will try my hardest because I need to get through this. So here’s hoping for some kind of success…and quiet! Chat at ya next time!

Take Care,

S.P. Kaye

Just over 2 months now….

It has been just over two months since my last post. Originally I had planned on posting once a month, buuuuut….busy schedules, lots of troubles, and problems with the internet have kept me away. To any of you who have been waiting for an update, I am truly sorry. :(


This is going to be a BIG, HUGE, PHENOMENAL weekend for me!!!!!!!! :) Really!

I have taken time off of work and everything else. My family is going to clear out of the house on their own fun adventure. This will allow me to ‘woo-sah’ and regather my thoughts. I will have the entire house to myself for the entire weekend and in this peace and quiet….I WILL WRITE!!! :D

In the end, the update is: I am nearing completion of the special surprise that will be released with the 3rd book. So until next month, (fingers crossed) I will chat at you again. My countdown to writing madness has just begun! ;)

Take Care,

S.P. Kaye


Oh, one more thing….If any of you following my blog has read either one of my books, will you please send me some feedback? I would greatly appreciate it! :) Thank You!

Work…at it’s best!

I will probably be posting updates only about once a month for awhile. I am currently working on the special surprise that comes with the third book in the TEAS series….thus, leading to the absence of posts. It is very time consuming and there is much to get done. That being said, I am fairly confident in saying the third book will not be out this year. So, you have plenty of time to catch up if you haven’t ordered your books yet! ;)

Speaking of…I have found out the libraries will not order my books because they have not been officially reviewed. :( Well, I don’t know about y’all out there, but I don’t have the extra money to pay some bigshot to review my books just so a library will have them on hand. As a matter of fact, my own town library won’t let me bring my books in for signings or introductions because it would be considered for profit. Whatever! So I am counting on all of you Sci./Fi. Fantasy lovers out there to purchase the books at any of the listed links above and spread the word! :D

In the meantime, I must get back to work! Look forward to 2015! It’s going to be a BIG TEAS year! ;)


Take Care,

S.P. Kaye

For that special Christmas gift! ;)

‘Pieces’ is now available on Lulu, Smashwords, and Amazon Kindle! It may take a little while before we can make it available on the other sites, but for now you have three to choose from. ‘Beyond This Life’ is available on all the sites listed above! For the Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel lover, these first two books in the TEAS series would make that perfect gift! ;) I’m already working on the third book and a special something extra (will remain a secret for now) to go with the third release! So don’t get too far behind, because I’m just chuggin’ right along! Third release may be sometime in 2014! :)

Take Care,

S.P. Kaye

TEAS book cover art 1